And so it begins…

I had to go to work and I stripped down to change into my work clothes. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I stopped to look, turning to the side and sucking my stomach in. I have never been petite; I always fought my hourglass figure. I have boobs, full hips and a bubble butt that could start to take over the rest of me if I didn’t keep it in check. Red haired, and bright blue eyes that were usually my most noticeable feature (after the butt). My skin was peaches and cream with light freckles over my nose, I was always trying to tan it. My girlfriend Amber had beautiful honey skin, I was always so jealous. I turned red, and my tan was her normal skin color. Sighing I wondered if I was skinny enough to be a sugar babe. What was I even thinking, I didn’t even know if I would do this?

I spent the next week looking through listings while refusing to respond or commit to anything. I wanted to talk to someone about it-someone impartial. I had spoken about it to some of my gay guy friends, but it was an all to common cultural acceptance for them to have daddys. I lived with a gay man in the heart of San Diego’s gay neighborhood Hillcrest. It was a hip and trendy part of town where you could go out at any given moment and people watch. My favorite was at La Fuenta at 2am after Riches closed and all the trannys and goes go dancers came out. My roommate albeit gay-was the one person who would never approve of this for me. I knew it would lower me in his eyes in the beginning. He had mentioned to me on occasion that I was different- one of the few good honest girls left. I decided to get out and clear my head so I headed to one of my favorite spots in SD, Cowles Mountain.

It was one of the highest points in San Diego with a beautiful view and was a moderate climb. Maybe it was the heat that had baked my brains, or dehydration was making me loony, but half way up I decided to call my mother. I stopped panting, and sat down on a boulder with my iphone pressed into my face.

I heard her “hello”. “Hi Mom” she responded with her typical “hi honey whattsup”.

“So, Mom, what would you think of your daughter being a high-priced sugar babe?” There was a silence on the phone-I’m assuming this was the point where she either decides that I am still her daughter or not.  Now let me back peddle here, my mom is a cool chick but I was not expecting this answer.

“Well you know Tim at work has one and they seem ok, I mean you wouldn’t have to have sex right away, and as long as they are not into anything perverted.” I think at that point I had started to laugh hysterically. My mother and I had not always been close. We had gone through a “stage”. But since I had divorced my husband- a story for a later time, we had become very close. I had come to rely on her as my moral compass. So I went on to tell her about the Sugar Daddy site. She was completely intrigued by the idea, but did go through the-well I guess in this case it would not be typical mother behavior. She wanted background checks ran on each potential, the times and locations of each date and if I could get their license plate numbers even better.

That night I sat in front of my computer screen, the humming of my computer tower and  a glass of wine in front of me. I began looking through messages…

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  1. Thank you for your visit and comment, glad you enjoyed my poetic efforts.
    All my Love and Romance poetry is my originals, I hope you enjoy more of my works.
    I will return to peruse your interesting space and follow your writings.
    Aussie Ian

  2. I think if I told any one of my family members about having a sugar daddy, I would get clobbered over the head with a hot iron. Please don’t feel like I am judging you, since it is hard to sometimes interpret the intent and tone of a question asked over the internet compared to having the question asked face to face, but are you looking for getting paid for your services or do you just want to fuck without knowing anything about the person you’re fucking?

  3. Hello Kitty,
    Thank you for your question. You or anyone else is free to ask me or say whatever you would like. I will not censor it, and I will always answer. I am a very open book in reality and this is more so amplified online. I know not everyone will agree with my life choices-I accepted those consequences when I chose it and I am ok with that.
    In many ways I am probably a psychologists dream-and statistic. Alcoholic father, distant mother, married and divorced to an abusive husband. Which has all lead to me to my current life. I will say that I was NEVER an escort or call girl.I knew all of my Sugar Daddies on a very intimate and personal level, emotionally, mentally and physically. Which will all be undisclosed as my blog develops.

  4. Hi Servilia,

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I wish you well with yours; you may have only just started, but I think you will have an avid following pretty fast.

    My lifestyle is very different from yours, but I believe we are all here to experience many different ways of living and being in this world. I also believe that somewhere along the path, we are here to learn how not to judge, but instead how to respond with acceptance, love and compassion. (I am not saying I have mastered that way of being…. Just that it is the direction I aim towards!)

    Good luck, wishing you a great year of blogging…


  5. Hi Amanda,
    Thank you for your kind words! I appreciate your extension of love and compassion to me instead of judgement. I try and live my life the same way, I am a Buddhist (albeit a very bad one at times) and there is much to be learned from leading a life in compassion (much I have still yet to learn). Wishing you all the best, and I look forward to perusing your blog as well =)

  6. Hi Servilia!

    Thanks for the like on my blog 🙂 I am now VERY intrigued by yours. I think you just got yourself a new follow. This was not a life-style I’d ever considered, but now I’m curious to learn more…

    Take care!

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